How to Wow the Faculty in a Singing Audition as a Vocal Performance Major

A woman holds out her hand while singing.
Auditions are an essential part of your career, whether you are studying vocal performance at a top music college or aspiring to be on stage performing your own songs. Regardless of the path you choose, virtually every single singing role requires auditioning, so the more comfortable you get with vocal auditions early on, the more at ease you will feel in the future.

From Preparation to Application: Getting Ready to Apply to Music School 

A smiling mother and daughter view a music college application on a laptop.
Taking time to look ahead and plan for the music admissions process is a valuable exercise for student musicians and their families. Having a good understanding of how the specialized application process works for music applicants could mean a less stressful senior year and success during application season.

Making the Grade: Why Academics Matter for Music Majors 

High school students work together on a project.
Ok, we get it - you love music! You want to perform, create, and make music all the time.   Spending countless hours practicing, taking lessons, rehearsing, and performing to hone your skills means you sometimes don’t have time to focus on other things. How much does your high school academic performance matter when you are preparing to apply to or attend a top music school or university music program? Well, the short answer is, that it could matter a lot.