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Is Music College right for me?

Every student aspiring to a music career deserves the chance to develop their talents and pursue their passion. Our experience at IMS has shown that some students are late bloomers. Once put into the right environment, there’s no accounting for a student’s motivation. Many students enter college with average raw musical talent but work so hard that they graduate at the top of the class as fantastic musicians on the brink of bright careers in music.

Once we hear a student perform, with the help of specialized, renowned faculty members of the IMS network, we’ll pinpoint the musical abilities, skills, and knowledge each student needs to improve upon. With enough time together and hard work, we will put them in a position to be admitted to the school of their choice.

Inside Music Schools will help prospective students in all of the following areas:

  • Prepare target schools & music program overview to match individual student goals/skills.

  • Evaluate musical training, academic credentials, & extra curricular endeavors.

  • Design a unique academic roadmap guiding studies that lead to applications.

  • Arrange mock auditions with top professionals & faculty members from distinguished music programs.

  • Conduct simulated interviews with a professional music college admissions counselor.
  • Identify private teachers, recommended study materials & personal repertoire.

  • Produce performance recordings, for talent documentation and evaluation.

  • Schedule personal college & conservatory tours, from true insider’s perspectives.

  • Review all music college application materials & edit for optimal results.

  • Advising the selection of the best fitting music school options & scholarship programs.

Get insider perspectives, expert counseling, and individual attention unavailable anywhere else. Becoming a professional in the music industry, students need to identify the best programs for their goals and skills, and prepare for the highly competitive application and audition requirements. We understand that this can be a time of great anxiety, and no music school consultants have a stronger track record of helping students position themselves for success!

Where will Your Musical Passion Lead?