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Judith Coe — Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver


Your comments were so helpful, and make me reflect again — but in a more personal way — about societal and educational structures and pitfalls/expectations for college kids headed into the culture/entertainment sector.

Ethan C — student — Nyack, NY

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Thanks for everything Steve. I was very reluctant to use any sort of college counseling, but I’m eating my words because you were totally worth it.

Shele Sondheim — Songwriter and Producer; President & CEO of CSM Words and Music — Los Angeles, CA


Steve was one of the most important influences at Berklee College of Music in my growth and development as a person and as a talent. He is a consummate professional and deeply caring individual, knowledgeable about all the music schools, colleges and universities. He is a master at the whole admissions process like no other source. He’s your best call going forward.

Lisa B — parent — Sammamish, WA

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Thanks again for all of your guidance. Although our son probably went in a completely different direction than was our initial plan when we first reached out to you, your honest advice was well taken and gave us the framework to come up with a plan that seems to have been successful.

Scott F — parent — Boca Raton, FL

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Steve and his staff have been very helpful in not only arranging tours of schools we are interested in but also securing private meetings with admissions people and department heads. We even got to sit in on an ensemble at the New School that I was not able to secure myself. Steve has a solid reputation with these institutions and a great knowledge of what each has to offer. That was something we were looking for in a consultant and we are very pleased with the services he has provided thus far.

Tracy A — parent — Washington DC

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Working with Steve Lipman for the college application process was the best decision I could have made as a parent. From the very beginning he worked with my daughter and I to create a personalized strategic road map for the entire college application process, which included interviews, auditions, applications, and scholarship guidance. What I appreciated most was his honesty, inside knowledge (secrets) of the process and expert understanding of what colleges and universities look for and expect in applicants. If you have children that will go to music college then you need to invest in the services of Inside Music Schools.

James M – student – Santa Barbara, CA (Berklee College of Music)

Berklee Testimonial

Thanks so much for the wonderful trip itinerary and the mock audition and simulated admissions interview. The meeting gave me an expanded perspective, and the feedback and advice you gave me from the interview was extremely helpful.

James M

Skyler H – Student – Frisco, TX

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Thank you so much for connecting me with the people at the college to help me prepare for my audition. What I learned in just two days was invaluable.

Skyler H

Megan A – parent — Holland College (PEI, CANADA)

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We had amazing results with the support and guidance of Steve’s consulting.  We came to Steve with specific needs and they tailored a program that fit our requirements exactly. His knowledge and belief in my son gave us the confidence to reach for our goals. We ultimately had the success we desired and acceptance into the schools we applied to! Thank you for everything.

David K — parent — Chicago, IL

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Steve provided detailed knowledge and a career’s worth of exceptional judgment as my daughter explored whether to study voice in a traditional conservatory program or as part of a more traditional liberal arts education. His familiarity with the strengths and weaknesses of the various programs proved invaluable. And I don’t believe we could have found such helpful interview and audition prep anywhere else. Steve was a critical part of the team that helped my daughter gain acceptance to her top choice university.

Simon — student (Oklahoma City University)

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I’m so happy and relieved to say that we finally made the decision to commit to Oklahoma City University!  I know I’ve said this before, but I really would just like to thank you for all your work and all your help throughout this journey. It’s been stressful and exhausting, but your support always made it better. A year ago, I was lost and confused, and had no idea what to do or where to go. You helped me get out of that and put me on the right track to what I wanted. It’s still unbelievable to see how much I’ve grown in the past year, and I definitely have you to thank. Working with you was an absolute pleasure, and if I had to do it again, it wouldn’t be with anyone else.

Lilya A — student — Centennial, CO (University of Colorado)

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Choosing music is a challenging path. Not only talent plays a critical role throughout the application process, but the awareness and the knowledge about the schools, teachers, etc. From the beginning I was really puzzled: where to start, what why, how. Then we found Inside Music Schools. Steve and his team walked me throughout the process by providing a wide range of support in terms of school safety, match, and priority. We made a schools list, built a resume, I had support for completing my Common application. I also had an opportunity for simulated interviews and auditions.

Melissa B – parent – Anchorage, AK

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I don’t know if you remember talking to me a few years ago – from Alaska! I took all of your great advice and just wanted to let you know that my daughter (Abby, French horn) was offered a full tuition scholarship to study horn performance at Northern Arizona University. I cannot thank you enough for steering us in the right direction and giving me tips on how to help Abby find the perfect fit. I think you should consider it a success for you as well! With deep appreciation.

Paul Bangser — Director — Levine School of Music

Steve Lipman consulted with me on ways to advance my existing career in music education. His information and advice were invaluable. I benefited greatly from his vast knowledge of the music education field and the personal contacts he helped me make with key music educators. His combination of skills, knowledge, and experience in the music education field is rare.

Rosanne Lana — Executive Director, Lagond Music School — Elmsford, NY

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Steve is the pulse of what’s going on in music education. As a marketing consultant, he knows how to reach the students and present to them what they need to know. He gets in the trenches with you and can read between the lines to help you formulate your message. He also delivers on time and within budget – what else could you ask for?

Brad H — parent

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It’s hard to put into words how beneficial our time spent together has been for our son. The feedback from you and the teachers you provided was so helpful to determine his areas needing improvement.

Genndiy — student — Ukraine (Boston Conservatory of Music)

BCoM Testimonial

Our family came from Ukraine to the US in October. In the Ukraine, I studied at R.M. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music for 2 years and wanted to continue my education in the US. But I completely wasn’t familiar with the education system and how I would be able to achieve acceptance to institutions in the United States. My family didn’t have any idea how we can do it.

With your help, I visited a couple of music colleges in Boston and became informed about the best institution choices for me. Besides, I got help with filling out applications, collecting documents, and all related to it. And now, from September I will study at the Boston Conservatory of Music. I received a 50% scholarship from the institution.

My family and I are very thankful and sincerely grateful to you and the other people who did so much for us.

Julie K — parent — Gig Harbor, WA (Berklee College of Music)

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To say that Steve took the overwhelming task of finding the perfect music school for my daughter from high stress to, “it’s all going to be o.k,” would be an understatement. We had absolutely no idea where to start. My daughter was looking for a very specific music program that would meet all of her criteria and with Steve’s help and guidance she was able to put together a list of colleges that was strategic and made sense. GREAT NEWS: she just committed to her top choice school and will begin in the Fall. She cannot get there fast enough!!!! Steve’s knowledge, experience, and connections in the music school arena proved invaluable in this process. He is professional, personable, committed, encouraging, and engaging. Thank you, Steve, for helping to make it happen! p.s. and we mean every word!

Dave Liebman —  jazz saxophonist and NEA Jazz Master


Steve and I were high school friends going together to see John Coltrane many times in the jazz clubs of Manhattan. His musical sense combined with the administrative skills he gained at Berklee College of Music over the decades means he combines the best of both worlds. I would trust him to guide any young person wisely.

Liesl E — student — Warren, MI

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Mr. Lipman was instrumental in guiding me through the entire college application process. He offered me the tools I needed to succeed in both my audition and interview. Throughout this entire process…

Nancy K — parent

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Cem G — student — Athens Greece (Juilliard)

Juilliard Logo

When I met Steve, I had no idea about the music education system in the US. I am from a different nation so the education system that I see so far, is very different from the US education system. I had to have guidance, help to organize my future studies, and to find the right school for me. I wanted to be a composer. Composition is a very special major and in this major, faculty is very important. Thanks to Steve, I got the best information about all of the music schools in the US. He helped in every step: choosing the right school, application process, audition practice, final decision. I am so happy right now that I worked with Steve through this period of time. He is not just my adviser, but also my friend now.

Bob Sinicrope — President Jazz Education Network and Director of Jazz Studies, Milton Academy (Milton, MA),


Steve is a consummate professional in all areas of popular music education. The depth and extent of what he offers is astounding. Not only is he seemingly connected to everyone in the field; he deftly and tirelessly helps you navigate through the process of getting you to the right person, school or group. He provides a wealth of knowledge, total commitment, and incredible skills and is a pleasure to work with.

Randy Bell — President, McKee Consulting Associates — Asheville, NC

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Mr. Lipman has consistently been one of the forward-thinkers in higher education admissions recruiting and creative institutional imaging. The results of his work over the years speak for themselves in a most positive way.

Toby G. — student — Mercer Island, WA.

When I was looking at schools to apply to, I really wanted to go to a conservatory. I didn’t really know how or what the process was and how it differed from normal colleges. Mr. Lipman was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and he explained the process to me and helped me prepare for every step. He reviewed my essays, did multiple mock interviews, was able to get me in contact with a professional for a mock audition/lesson and was always open to questions about the process. Even though in the end, I decided not to go to a conservatory, Mr. Lipman was able to help me both get accepted to them and was very helpful in teaching me about the process, which I will take with me for the rest of my life. I will be attending Central Washington University in the fall.

Kevin M — student — Chappaqua, NY

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Hey Steve. I’m writing to tell you the good news. I got accepted into my first-choice college this week! I want to thank you again for your support and all the help you have given me. It really helped a lot.

Kodey B — student — Brisbane, Australia

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Steve helped my dreams of studying contemporary music in the United States become a reality with his extensive knowledge of the higher education system, the application process and what school would be the right fit for me. Being an international student from Brisbane, Australia, the whole process of applying and auditioning for music colleges in America seemed very daunting but through Steve’s help I was able to find the right school and now I am absolutely loving it! Steve gave me invaluable confidence and guidance through the whole application process and made the entire experience both for me and my family positive and stress-free.

Mark M – Student – Yorktown Heights, NY (NYU)

NYU Testimonial

You have done more for me than you can realize, and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t really put it all into words, let alone one email, so I’ll put it like this: Our relationship definitely will not end so abruptly. We’ve got a long way to go.

Erica M — student — Wheaton, IL

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I am so incredibly grateful for Steve and his advisement on the college process. Navigating music schools was already hard enough, and when Covid-19 completely changed everything, Steve was right there to help. The most influential part of my experience with Steve was the instilled confidence and constant belief in me. He was so positive and never wanted me to doubt myself or my skills. He makes his services work for you and prepares students for all aspects of applications and auditions. I’m so glad I worked with Steve and Inside Music Schools as I am headed to my dream school this fall!”

John Z – Student – Hillsborough, NJ

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I can’t express how grateful I am to have worked with you and been given all the opportunities and contacts you gave me to get me where I wanted to be. The interviews, lessons, and camps all shaped me so drastically over the past year or two that I’m unrecognizable as the musician I was. I would love to keep in contact and I hope to help you out and meet with students in the Boston and New Jersey area that are looking to go to any music school. The mock interviews and auditions really prepared me to nail the Berklee audition and the contacts I made helped me feel at home whenever I visited the camps or even just to visit. I hope to help your future clients throughout my college career and after and look forward to keeping in touch. I can’t express how thankful I am for you setting me up for success. Thank you.

John Z

Avery J — student — Orange, CT (Berklee College of Music)

Berklee Testimonial

I am so excited and appreciative of all that you have done and are still doing for me, to help me meet my personal goal of acceptance to Berklee College of Music!  Walking around Berklee with you was amazing – everyone seems to know you there and everyone was so very supportive and helpful.

Richard S — parent — Providence, RI

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As my first child was entering the College selection process, I found myself swimming in an ocean that I was very unfamiliar with. Many of my friends and family had assisted their children thru the College process with the help of High School counselors; however, given that my child was interested in a music career, I found the standard avenue lacking. Finding Steve eliminated the stress and discomfort that I was feeling early on. Steve takes control of the challenge and orchestrates a defined process that accomplishes all of the student’s goals. From assisting with the audition and interview to selecting schools that are a great fit and essay writing, Steve navigates the course like the experienced expert you would expect.

Eric D — parent — Stillwater, MN

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We honestly owe Steve a great deal in helping us identify and prioritize our target music programs, organize our application process, and understand what we needed to know about each program to find the ideal match for our son. Steve is a consummate consultative professional who gives primary consideration to the needs, preferences and learning styles of the student and then matches those to the landscape of music programs out there. And at the end of the lengthy process, we are proud to say our son was admitted into three top tier music schools with international standing, including his first choice! We highly recommend Steve as a resource to help navigate the complex territory of music school admissions.

Emile D. Menasche — Editor-in-Chief, In Tune Magazine — White Plains, NY


Steve is always at the top of my list when I need information on music education. Not only does he deliver valuable insight of his own, but he always seems to know others who can answer my questions, and has been incredibly helpful in putting me in touch with them. During some of my many interviews with department chairs and professors at the country’s top music programs, the phrase “You should talk to Steve Lipman” has come up more than once.

Marci S — parent — Rockville, MD

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Navigating through the emotional and confusing process of identifying schools, prepping, applying, auditioning, and deciding on the most appropriate music school was one of the most challenging undertakings of our son’s, as well as my, life! Steve Lipman cares and addressed us as individuals, he was our superhero from the industry on multiple occasions. Sometimes there were conversations that as a parent, I knew would be best had with another adult, an “expert”. Steve stepped in and handled those conversations directly with understanding, passion, knowledge, and heart. If he was a doctor, I’d describe his bedside manner to be over the top!!! Although ultimately all the leg work fell on us, I can say having the connections, insights, and guidance Steve offered us illuminated the path so that the process and journey were not only doable but transformative and successful. I’d do it all again, working with Steve is absolutely worth it!

KIM F — parent — DENVER, CO

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There I was at the place in life with my almost-legally-adult child. She has planned on music school since the age of 7. I had no idea what to do to help. I knew this is something she needs to do without her mom hovering. She plans to go very far away and be independent, so mom blindly micromanaging the process made no sense. I have a life-long friend who retained a college coach for his twins. It was a few years back, but I knew it was expert-adult guidance that was not a parent. I found Steve on Google and did some checking around. One parent told me, “Whatever level you can afford, DO IT. He knows what he is doing.” Good, because I certainly did not know what I was doing. I found a woman I knew from years ago who now teaches at Berklee College of Music who remembered Steve very well and verified he is a great choice. We did a few meetings and retained Steve. What an amazingly great choice. Steve built rapport and trust with my daughter swiftly and they got to work. I was out. At first this made me sad, but I realized I was also out of asking questions that are accountability questions. Managing deadlines was Steve and Caroline. Making plans and practicing for interviews was Steve and Caroline. Reviewing essays and resumes was Steve and Caroline. I got to do the fun parts. I got to show her the cities where the schools are located that were of interest. I got to celebrate when an acceptance and merit scholarship came through by email. I got to help her manage a return call to a prestigious music department leader when that school was not the first choice. I attended parent meetings virtually (year of COVID) for her top picks so I could have some input, but she and Steve ran the show. This process was helpful not just because I was not an expert and Steve is an expert, but it was a great first step to handling a goal as an adult does. None of us accomplish the big things in life solely on our own. We always have a tribe to support us. Being a grown up is expanding naturally outside of the family unit to increase that village of people you support and who support you. Steve is now part of our village and I write this so that I may return the tremendous support he gave Caroline and our family.

AA – student – Canada (Holland College)

Andres U – student – Canada (Holland College)

Holland College Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve given to me and my family. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am now at Holland College in Canada. I am very proud of being the musician that I am today.

Andres U

Sharon and Alan L — parents — Oyster Bay Cove, NY

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We feel very fortunate to have found Steve at an early point in the college application process, when our son was in 10th grade. Without a doubt, Steve’s advice at this early stage was instrumental in shaping our son into the musician he is today, with ultimate acceptance at many of his top music school choices. Steve spent a great deal of time getting to know our son, helping him to identify the type of program that would best fit his music goals, and then forming a strategy going forward. Steve’s knowledge of the various music schools and incredible network of contacts across the country were invaluable. Early in the process, Steve also helped our son identify precollege music programs to enhance his musicianship and music education experience while in high school. Steve also arranged various itineraries for undergraduate campus tours, meetings with actual college students and admissions faculty, and lessons with college music professors. Later as the application process started, Steve helped in every step of the way, from essay reviews, to resume prep, and mock interviews. In short, we — and more importantly, our son — couldn’t have done it without Steve.”


Larry Bethune — Vice President for Student Affairs, Berklee College of Music — Boston, MA


Steve is an expert in higher education, especially admissions, marketing, recruitment, planning, and execution. He also has an eye for excellent graphic advertising. His decisions on ads and graphic design were the best.

Alan C — parent — St. Louis, MO

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Michael plans to move on to L.A. with his current roommates in 2022 – new adventure! Michael, Mom & Dad couldn’t have arrived where we are today with the opportunities of tomorrow without your guidance and are very thankful!

Cristy J — parent — Orange, CT (Berklee College of Music)

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Steve and his numerous professional contacts, friends, associates, and fellow alumni, did extensive evaluations of our son’s interview skills, performance capabilities, song writing potential, music technology skills, and overall music education knowledge. As a result of these evaluations and direct honest feedback, he then put my son on an exceptional path to success with coaching from a professional Grammy award winning Berklee Professor, documented guidance on his strengths and weaknesses, and ongoing communication with him to provide any needed assistance prior to my son’s next (and hopefully final) Berklee interview and audition. My son now fully understands his strengths and weaknesses, and what he needs to do to “ace” the interview and audition for acceptance to Berklee College of Music. Thank you Steve!

Caroline F — Student — Denver, CO (San Francisco Conservatory)

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Since I was a kid, my dream was to go to Berklee College of Music. Fast forward to me as a junior in high school, with this same dream unwilling to see any kind of reality where I would not be attending Berklee College of Music. My infatuation with Berklee led my mother and I to Steve Lipman. I told him I would entertain other schools, but my main goal was Berklee. Steve and I came up with a lengthy list of schools I would apply to and narrowed it down to five (which was four more I would’ve applied to, thanks to Steve).
College applications for everyone else was the most stressful time of the year, but since I was with Steve, it was a breeze. I was confident in everything I submitted to each school, I even submitted my materials early. I was fortunate enough to have professionals that Steve was in contact with, give me notes on my music and essays. I got accepted into every single school I applied to with scholarships. Even though Steve worked at Berklee College of Music, he helped me choose a school that would be right for me even if it wasn’t Berklee. I ended up not choosing Berklee, but I think young me would be even more excited about the school I did choose. I can confidently say that without Steve Lipman’s help, I wouldn’t be at my dream school right now.  I really love my new school, and I have you to thank.

Tom & Hazel G — parents — Braintree, MA

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I could tell from the first meeting with Steve, as he sat round our dining table, that my 15 year old son was about to start the journey he had always wanted to take – to be a professional musician. Two years later, late one night in March, the first person my son excitedly texted news of his acceptance to Berklee College of Music, was Steve.

Steve works with families not just the student. He speaks the language of young musicians, but is able to translate that into informed opinion, practical advice and real insight for non-musical parents. To the music student, he is a genuine coach, able to encourage as well as closely question and recommend (but never tell) in a way that commands respect. Steve came to performances, opened eyes, found the right tutors, reviewed applications, conducted mock interviews, calmed nerves and suggested great opportunities.

Irwin Kornfeld — CEO, In Tune Partners and Westchester Media


Steve was instrumental in establishing the business relationship between In Tune Partners and Berklee College of Music. In Tune and Berklee have worked together celebrating high school Jazz educators, raising awareness for the school’s summer programs and connecting music educators and students with Berklee admissions. Steve is one of the foremost authorities on higher music education today and continues to be a key resource in In Tune Monthly’s coverage of music colleges, weighing in regularly on a variety of subjects of interest to incoming freshmen.

Karen T — parent — Union, OR

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Being a home school parent going through the college application process for the first time, I was already anxious. When my daughter chose music schools, I had no knowledge or experience in this music world and became overwhelmed. Steve helped us right away with his calm, easy manner and valuable experience in the music school world. Very soon we had a target list of schools that matched my daughter’s goals and preferences. Steve helped us to stay focused with essay and resume reviews, song choice, and mock auditions. He helped connect us to private guitar teachers that help to challenge my daughter and he found advisors to help her with a very complicated score writing challenge. Each step through this complicated process, Steve was there to answer any questions and point us in the right direction. After a year of thoughtful and focused work, with Steve’s guidance, my daughter was so much more confident and mature in her choice of a music career and in herself. And I was confident that she chose the right college and we are very excited for her future! She was accepted to her first-choice school with a wonderful scholarship then we will always be so grateful to Steve!

Brian S — parent — South Orange, NJ

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We simply could not have figured out the complicated and byzantine process of applying to music programs without Steve’s tremendous guidance. His initial intake and the day he set up for us in Boston were invaluable. His help/feedback in developing my son’s audition tapes and applications was also incredibly important.

Michele Caniato — Composer — former Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Music, Fitchburg State University, MA

Steve made my dream of pursuing the right course of higher education a reality. He opened the door to countless opportunities for a successful professional career. Anyone who works with Steve in any capacity is fortunate.

Susan F — parent — Boca Raton, FL

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Thanks, Steve.  Your help and advice were priceless and it has be a pleasure and an honor working with you.  We will most definitely keep you as part of the family.

Caleb Chapman — President, Chapman Music Institute — Salt Lake City, UT

Caleb playing the saxophone

Steve has been an incredible asset to our program over the last five years. His advice to me, and to the students directly, has resulted in the placement of many of our musicians in top programs nationally, including Juilliard, Berklee, USC, Miami, the New School, and North Texas. Steve knows this space better than anyone!

Xander D — student — Stillwater, MN (New England Conservatory)

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I enjoyed working with Steve immensely!  He really helped me to better understand what I was looking for in a music program, which in turn helped me focus my application and audition efforts in the most targeted and optimized way.  I got into my first, second and third choice schools.  Thank you Steve for the guidance and assistance you provided!

Zak K — student — Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

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Steve was an incredible help throughout the whole college process. He goes above and beyond to be more than just a college counselor. He researched and found a great guitar teacher for me when I was in need of one and he also set up mock auditions and interviews, which were invaluable. Even after the process, he still acts like a mentor in so many ways. For example, Steve helped me figure out which classes to register for and connected me with other students who were attending my college. Steve makes himself available to answer any short (or long) questions, and always responds to emails quickly. Overall, Steve took away a lot of the stress of the college application process and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking at music schools!

Rebecca L – Parent — Scarsdale, NY (Oberlin Conservatory of Music)

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Thank you for the report and recommendations. But, even more important, thank you for helping Tyler focus and develop his thoughts on what he wants to do and the type of programs he wants to pursue in college. Not only did you help him move down this road, but I can see a big increase in his self-confidence from talking and working with you.

Henry G — student — Rockville, MD

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Steve helped me find colleges that weren’t just strong in music; he helped me find colleges that offered exactly the kind of musical experience I was looking for. Over the course of my college search, Steve put me in contact with the right people at each college I visited and even arranged a mock audition and interview with actual admissions faculty. Thanks to Steve, I was able to nail my auditions, keep my applications in order and choose the right college for my interests.

Frank H — parent — Ardsley, NY

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I just wanted to let you know that Dan received acceptance letters from the Hartt School, Berklee, NYU, and Temple! Thanks again for everything.

Kanchan L — parent — Dubai, UAE

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Artistic college and career paths can be complicated. Steve with his expertise, attention to detail and experience of the industry has been a guiding light through our child’s journey. As a parent the innumerable doubts and questions we had were all addressed thoroughly and professionally. Being a parent from a non-creative background, he made it easy to explain aspects of different colleges and was extremely conscious and kept in mind our needs always giving clear pros and cons of varied options. He has made our journey as a parent extremely smooth, he is a delight to work with. My child awaited sessions with Steve , as he went to the depth of the student passion and range which I think helped in a long way to shortlist options and finally achieve the college of her dreams. thanks Steve i wish we do continue this journey as Tanisha moves ahead on her path and you also help shape her career in future. Thanks Inside Music Schools.

Colescott Rubin — Berklee Student — College consultant

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“I have worked as an occasional coach for Mr. Lipman at Inside Music Schools for several years now, and he never ceases to amaze me with the incredible quality of coaching and guidance he provides the students and clients along their journey. I have consistently seen many of the students I have coached in the Berklee hallways the year following coaching them, though I am not surprised given the excellent preparation and dedication with which I’ve seen them work with IMS.”

Jeff M — parent — Chappaqua, NY

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Steve’s thorough knowledge of the world of music education has been invaluable as our son has gone through the process of applying to music colleges. The mock audition and interview were especially worthwhile, and Steve’s insights on all facets of his musicianship have given our son greater confidence and maturity. As a family, we have benefited tremendously from Steve’s expert guidance.

Dan H — student — Ardsley, NY (NYU)

NYU Testimonial

Applying to college for music is certainly a huge undertaking. Steve Lipman is an excellent resource to cater to my specific interests and desires. The college process would have been infinitely more difficult without him.

Tom Stein — Professor, Berklee College of Music; Global Music, Entertainment & Media Industry Executive


It would be difficult to find anyone more knowledgeable about the world of contemporary music education and career preparation for professional musicians than Steve Lipman. As long time Vice President for Student Affairs at Berklee College with primary responsibility for enrollment management, Steve oversaw an increase of enrollment of several hundred percent over more than a decade. His depth of understanding and vision/foresight in the profession are virtually unmatched anywhere, and Steve continues to be a driving force in our industry with his more recent activities for SLA Contemporary Music Education Consultants. With Steve on your team you can rest assured that you are working with the best of the best.

Kendra T – parent – San Diego, CA

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When my daughter traded in her extracurricular interest in musical theater for a college degree involving writing, producing, and performing her own music, we panicked. What did we know about music schools, much less about getting into one? Steve relieved our stress immediately. His organized approach and obvious connection to his students provided us with direction and goals we could work toward. He introduced us and instructed us in touring a music school and made it possible for us to create a target list of schools appropriate for our daughter’s interests and goals. As she goes into her senior year, we feel more in control, and more confident that we can do this!

Ralph Liu – parent – Guangzhou, China

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Steve totally exceeded my expectations. Not only did they help my son Kevin get offers from his dream schools, but also did they improve Kevin’s musicianship, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills. They saw Kevin’s potential much earlier than himself. They arranged personal lessons, suggested summer programs to help him grow into that potential. They shared rich experience and insights in music education and careers to help Kevin form ideas of which schools to choose, and carefully selected reach-match-safety schools that fit into Kevin’s instrument and interests. They accompanied us on school visits and arranged customized meetings with school admissions officers. They helped Kevin draft and improve resumes and essays. Before the audition, they set up mock auditions and interviews to build his confidence and skills. In the end, Kevin got three excellent offers with good scholarships. We were happy about the results and enjoyed the whole process. Without hesitation, I recommend their service to any music student. Thank you again! Whenever you want to visit China, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or mail.

Trudy Green — Artist Manager for Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Fugees

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Knowing you and working with you has always been a pleasure. You were there for my son when he wanted to go to Berklee College of Music and you have been there for my clients throughout the years who have wanted to perform or give lectures or workshops there. You are the highest professional and have the most integrity, and it has been a joy to work with you over the years.

Rich E — student — Providence, RI

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One of the greatest advantages of working with Steve was the quality of resources that Steve introduced me to. He not only introduced me to some of the best drum set instructors in the world for my audition prep but he also introduced me to amazing sound engineers and ear training instructors who I still interface with today. The end result is that he not only helped me get into my dream school, but he also set me up to continue lessons with an amazing team.

Lauren Westendorf — Assistant Director of College Guidance — Cleveland, OH (Laurel School)


When Steve speaks, you listen. When Steve speaks, you learn. Spending time with Steve is like taking mini master classes. There are always bits of wisdom, experience, and knowledge he shares with his quick wit.

Nancy Chou – College Consultant at EduElite – USA & China

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Steve’s depth of music education knowledge is invaluable – he was able to distill for us the key differences between each collegiate program as well as the nuances in what each program looks for in an applicant. He takes a holistic view of the student in terms of musical interests, general interests, and character which results in a very thoughtful approach to the application process and results.

Angela F. F. Davis — Assistant Dean of Students, Berklee College of Music — Boston, MA

Berklee Testimonial

Steve Lipman is one of the most widely known and highly respected administrators in the music education sphere. His knowledge, experience, and contacts are vast and deep, and he has successfully assisted thousands of students and professional musicians. I have worked with Steve on many initiatives through the years and with his involvement we achieved the results we were looking for.