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Intensive Music School Audition Preparation Program

Inside Music Schools advises high school and college transfer students who want to advance their training at the best music colleges and conservatories. We assist musicians looking to obtain undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees. We also help younger students and their families select private music and arts high schools and summer camps, and older students looking for advanced music career counseling.

Inside Music Schools can give you the tools you need if you want to build a career in any area of the music world.


Who Inside Music Schools serves...

Inside Music Schools is the only independent music admissions consultancy that offers a specialized, intensive program designed as a crash course for highly competitive college music auditions. Our audition preparation program pairs each student with an expert in his or her chosen musical discipline for several day-long sessions at a top conservatory of music college. Sessions cover the full range of skills and knowledge needed to excel in a college music audition, pre-screening recording, or composition portfolio, all individually tailored for each student’s area of focus and intended major, including performance, composition, musical theater, songwriting, and music production and engineering. A sample schedule for a classical performance major would include daily hour-long private lessons, individual classes in music theory and ear training, survey classes on music history and the literature for the student’s principal instrument, plus a one hour studio lesson. Also included each day of the program is a two hour supervised practice session, and two hours of solo practice time scheduled in the college’s practice facilities. With unmatched access to top academic faculty and resources, Inside Music Schools can guarantee that students who take advantage of our intensive audition preparation program will be in the best possible position to impress talent evaluators at the most competitive music colleges and conservatories.

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We also offer Musical Career Counseling.