Music School Admissions Consulting

Custom Music School Admissions Consulting Packages

Applications at top music colleges and conservatories have skyrocketed in recent years, with many more talented students competing for seats, scholarships, and financial aid. To help aspiring professional musicians achieve their goals, Inside Music Schools provides a range of expert consulting services, building custom packages that include the following:

  • Prepare target schools & music program overview to match individual student goals/skills.
  • Evaluate musical training, academic credentials, & extra curricular endeavors.
  • Design a unique academic roadmap guiding studies that lead to applications.
  • Arrange mock auditions with top professionals & faculty members from distinguished music programs.
  • Conduct simulated interviews with a professional music college admissions counselor.
  • Identify private teachers, recommended study materials & personal repertoire.
  • Produce performance recordings, for talent documentation and evaluation.
  • Schedule personal college & conservatory tours, from true insider’s perspectives.
  • Review all music college application materials & edit for optimal results.
  • Advising the selection of the best fitting music school options & scholarship programs.

Get insider perspectives, expert counseling, and individual attention unavailable anywhere else. Becoming a professionals in the music industry, one needs to identify the best programs for their goals and skills, and prepare for the highly competitive application and audition requirements. We understand that this can be a time of great anxiety, and no music school consultants have a stronger track record of helping students position themselves for success!

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Where does your passion for music lead you?

Preparing for a career as a professional musician in the wide-range of settings requires a high level performer. The broad field of performance is usually broken down first, by Classical/Opera or Pop/Jazz/Contemporary music (although exposure to the other is sometimes desirable). Concentration on a particular instrument, or voice is expected (Stage, concerts, television, theater, recordings, pit orchestra, touring, back up bands, teaching).

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Training to combine musical skills with acting and dance talent to give a burgeoning musical actor the wide-ranging background necessary to be successful in this exciting and rewarding field. (Singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, coach, director, teacher, stage craft, theater manager, sound & lighting design, community theater/summer stock).

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Developing the skills necessary to write songs that will appeal to the many needs of the commercial music world: songs for singers (including yourself, if you are a singer/songwriter), TV and movie themes, jingles for commercials, and many more venues (Singer-songwriter, staff writer, lyricist, collaborator, composer, music supervisor, performing rights/clearance, jingle writer).

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Writing original music, usually specializing in Classical Music or Modern/Commercial/Pop/Jazz Music. (Composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, editor, sound design/programmer, transcriber, jingle writer).

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Composing, arranging, and conducting music for film, television, and also video games, the fastest growing segment of this market. (Composer, conductor, orchestrator, editor, programmer, copyist, sound design).

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Preparation as a professional in the recording studio, concert hall, and live venues including as a producer, an engineer and a variety of other roles. (Producer, engineer, mixing and mastering, sound design, A&R, studio manager, sound technician, acoustics engineer, mixed media, studio design, label representative, sound editor).

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Concentrating on the business of music, including financial, artistic, legal and other issues, with the special qualification of being a musician yourself. (Entrepreneur, entertainment attorney, publisher, artist/personal/business manager, promotion, A&R, contractor, publicist, marketing, booking agent, licensing, consultant).

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Pursuing a career as a music teacher of the next generation, in a public or private secondary school setting. (Elementary or secondary, instrumental or vocal, band, orchestra, or choir director, research, school administrator, private instructor).

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Using music as the modality for therapeutic work with a variety of populations. This exploding field encompasses helping people struggling with a variety of everyday life issues. Important work is also being done with patients challenged by chronic, serious and terminal illnesses, both in hospital and other settings. (Schools, clinics, geriatric/nursing facilities, correctional facilities, group homes, private practice)

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