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We are the premier music school admissions consultancy, led by renowned music educator and head of admissions at Berklee College of Music for 40 years, Steve Lipman.

Our experts combine decades of experience as music educators and administrators at the highest level to provide guidance grounded in unrivaled expertise.

We are proud of the talented young musicians who turn to us each year from across the country and around the world and our unmatched success in helping them identify best-fit schools and apply/audition for them successfully.

Find out how we can help you too.

Our music school advising services will set comprehensive goals, build skill assessment profiles, begin a target list of music schools to earn your bachelor's or master's degree in musical-related fields, and help you navigate every part of the stressful high-stakes college, university, or conservatory admissions process. No other admissions consultant can match the experience, knowledge, and track record of Inside Music Schools when it comes to obtaining a degree in music.

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The competition for acceptance to the top music schools in the US is fierce. And, the application process is way more complex and multi-layered than you might imagine.

In addition to that, not all conservatories are alike. The same applies to music departments housed within a liberal arts college or as part of a major university.

Juilliard differs greatly from Curtis and even more so to Berklee; NYU is significantly different from/than USC despite the fact that they are both urban university campuses.

Music Production programs are unique and very different from one another placing emphasis on different aspects of the industry. We know that stuff intimately and can save time, money, and frustration sorting through all that. They almost always need help with assessing their skills and abilities, learning what type of majors are offered, and identifying those colleges that will be the best-fit music school or university department for them. Those are the crucial aspects that Inside Music Schools helps with and concentrates on.

Our Successful students and their kind words

Ethan C — student — Nyack, NY

Thanks for everything Steve. I was very reluctant to use any sort of college counseling, but I’m eating my words because you were totally worth it.

James M – student – Santa Barbara, CA (Berklee College of Music)

Thanks so much for the wonderful trip itinerary and the mock audition and simulated admissions interview. The meeting gave me an expanded perspective, and the feedback and advice you gave me from the interview was extremely helpful

Xander D — student — Stillwater, MN (New England Conservatory)

I enjoyed working with Steve immensely!  He really helped me to better understand what I was Looking for in a music program, which in turn helped me focus my application and audition efforts…

Caroline F — Student — Denver, CO (San Francisco Conservatory)

Since I was a kid, my dream was to go to Berklee College of Music. Fast forward to me as a junior in high school, with this same dream unwilling to see any kind of reality where I would not be attending Berklee College of Music. My infatuation with Berklee
led my mother and I to Steve Lipman….

Erica M — student — Wheaton, IL

I am so incredibly grateful for Steve and his advisement on the college process. Navigating music schools was already hard enough, and when Covid-19 completely changed everything, Steve was right there to help…

Kodey B — student — Brisbane, Australia

Steve helped my dreams of studying contemporary music in the United States become a reality with his extensive knowledge of the higher education system, the application process and what school would…

Ready for Music School?


As a young musician, you feel it—the thrill that comes from listening to and making music. The experience has inspired you to dedicate yourself to becoming a musician, but you know you can’t do it alone. So, you’re giving serious consideration to majoring or minoring  in music when you go to college. But where?

As the parent of a young musician, you feel something different. It may bewilder you a bit if you’re not a musician yourself, but you take pride in your child’s dedication. You have even started looking into schools with good programs of study in music, but you quickly become lost in the maze of information online. 

Whether you are a student or a parent, you quickly come to realize you need seasoned professionals with expertise in music and music in higher education, just not academics, to guide you. Higher education is so expensive and identifying the music schools that fit you best and then successfully applying to and auditioning for them is so important.