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From College to Career: Navigating Life After Music School

For most professional musicians, a music school degree is an obvious and ideal path toward working in the field they love. Specialized courses and private instruction mold students into industry-ready players, producers, composers, song writers, audio engineers, and business people. Each musician faces unique challenges after graduating from music college and the opportunity to mold a work-life unique to their musical strengths, interests, and goals. 

Music Specialization: “Jack of All Trades” or “Master Of One?”

Students and parents ask me whether fanning out or focusing is better — and I’m here to say, well, it’s not that simple. What you should and want to concentrate on really depends on where you see yourself in five, ten or thirty years down the road. There’s a place for all these kinds of musicians as long as you remember one thing — you must be great at something to carve a space for yourself in what is a notoriously competitive career landscape.
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Music Major to Music Major: Best Advice for College Freshmen

As you prepare to leave high school behind and study at music school, numerous possibilities await you. At first, it may seem daunting when you think about how to juggle multiple responsibilities, like classes and student clubs while pursuing the best opportunities. Sometimes hearing nuggets of wisdom from peers who have been in your shoes can help you to manage your time and expectations while you prepare for this next exciting chapter. 
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How to Wow the Faculty in a Singing Audition as a Vocal Performance Major

Auditions are an essential part of your career, whether you are studying vocal performance at a top music college or aspiring to be on stage performing your own songs. Regardless of the path you choose, virtually every single singing role requires auditioning, so the more comfortable you get with vocal auditions early on, the more at ease you will feel in the future.

Highest Paying Music Jobs In the Music Industry

There are numerous employment opportunities within the music industry beyond being a spotlight performer. Rising music professionals may find that their passion for music and musical training can open doors to a variety of fields and new skill sets that lead to lucrative careers and entrepreneurial paths.
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From Preparation to Application: Getting Ready to Apply to Music School 

Taking time to look ahead and plan for the music admissions process is a valuable exercise for student musicians and their families. Having a good understanding of how the specialized application process works for music applicants could mean a less stressful senior year and success during application season.
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Leading Music Schools in New York City

New York’s music scene is thriving. In fact, some of the most renowned musicians in the world have attended music school in the Big Apple. As a music school admissions consultant, I have dedicated my career to helping aspiring musicians discover, apply, and audition for the top music schools in New York, and elsewhere.
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Making the Grade: Why Academics Matter for Music Majors 

Ok, we get it – you love music! You want to perform, create, and make music all the time.   Spending countless hours practicing, taking lessons, rehearsing, and performing to hone your skills means you sometimes don’t have time to focus on other things. How much does your high school academic performance matter when you are preparing to apply to or attend a top music school or university music program? Well, the short answer is, that it could matter a lot.

Why Choose Inside Music Schools as Your Music School Admissions Consultant

“I want a career in music,” your child announces. As a parent, you feel the pressure to give the best advice on choosing the right music career. And, as a student, you want to find a challenging environment where you can build relationships with peers and professors.
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4 Expert Tips for Choosing College Musical Theater Audition Material

Let’s face it. Choosing material for college auditions can seem daunting. What are they looking for? What styles make the best impression? What does “just be yourself” really mean?

Choosing the Right Music College in 2024

Choosing the right music college requires careful consideration and research, and it is important to take your time and make an informed decision. In this article, we will provide tips and advice for choosing the right music college for you.

Career Paths for Music College Graduates in 2024

Whether you are interested in performance, teaching, composition, or music production, there is a career path that can help you realize your musical goals and aspirations. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular career paths for music college graduates and what they entail.