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Tips for Making Better Recordings at Home

Although it is not usually physically or financially possible to build the “ideal” recording studio in an apartment or home, there are ways to make a good sounding recording in any environment.

A Conversation with Chair of Composition, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

A conversation with Jonathan Bailey Holland that any young musician would want to read. Learn more about the man, and what his advice to young musicians would be in this climate.
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International Musicians: Studying Music in the United States.

Inside Music Schools has helped many international music students seek acceptance at colleges and conservatories in the United States. We hear the same questions from many of them. You likely have the same questions if you are an international musician wanting to study in America. So, we thought we’d dedicate this post to answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Desktop Audio Production for Students

In recent years, the portability and cost-effectiveness of Desktop Audio Production have allowed musicians to have recording setups at home. However, there are some things you’d want to know before setting up the best home recording studio possible. 
Film Scoring

Where Should I Study Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games?

The effect movie, TV, and video game music has on viewers and gamers is powerful and has spiked an interest among musicians to learn the craft of writing to picture. Many composers work in all three mediums, which requires the ability to write for orchestral and electronic instruments, understanding the technology for pairing music and visuals, how to run a
Berklee College

Top Colleges for Popular Music

In a 1967 hit song, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds rock band sang:  So you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star?Then listen now to what I say.Just get an electric guitar,Then take some time,And learn how to play.And with your hair swung right,And your pants too tight,It’s gonna be all right. The song was a satirical oversimplification even
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Conservatory, University, or Liberal Arts College: Which Type of Music Institution Best Suits You?

Among the primary considerations for those seeking to earn a music degree is determining the type and size of the school that will enable you to meet your goals. Depending on the major and genre of music you want to pursue, you’ll likely be choosing between a music conservatory, a small liberal arts college, or a large university. The academic opportunities and student experience are different at each type of music institution.

The 10 Different Types of Music Degrees

Music is absolutely an art form, but its application in education – and the world – is about as varied as music itself. You may be studying commercial songwriting, which ultimately incorporates more psychology-based training…

The Seven Best Music Schools and Music Programs in Boston

As you may know, Boston is BIG in education. Some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities call Boston home. Harvard University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Berklee College of Music…

Should You Study Songwriting in College?

Do you have to go to college to learn to be a songwriter? The answer is ‘No’, but I suggest you read on to see why attending college for songwriting might be beneficial. Songwriting is an artform…

New Worlds: A Guide on the Best Schools for Electronic Music Production

Recorded music at large has made some sometimes strange but also wonderfully creative turns that ultimately changed the way we understand composition, melody, and rhythm…

Music Therapy: What Is It, and How Does It Make People Heal?

The light and steady beat of hand drums can have a calming effect as it follows the beat of your heart. A beautiful melody can bring you to tears, and sometimes just the right word in a song can pull at your heart strings.