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5 Experts: “How to Start a Career in Music”Any student who is seriously studying music wonders whether they’ll succeed after graduation. According to …Steven Lipman
5 Tunes You Need to Know if You Want to Major in JazzYou play an instrument in High School, but you’re not sure how well you stack …Dan Pratt
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Acceptance Rates at the Top U.S. Conservatories, Colleges, & Universities for MusicWill you get accepted at a top music college, conservatory, or university music program? It …, Steven Lipman
Amazing Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in MusicWhen I packed up my car in Brooklyn, second-hand clarinet and later-to-be legendary jazz saxophonist, …Steven Lipman
An Interview with a Music TherapistThis month we here at Inside Music Schools have a rare treat for the prospective …, Jim DeStefano
Best Colleges to Study Classical SaxophoneClassical saxophone is a unique field to enter. The saxophone itself was not invented until …Samuel Dishon
Best Music Schools 2023: Part 1This 3-part series will look at a few ways to help make sure you enjoy …, David Lee Fish
Best Schools to Study Musical Theaterby Steven Lipman Choosing the best school to study musical …, Steven Lipman
Coming to America: An Interview with Tanisha LokwaniIn this post, Inside Music School’s David Fish interviews Tanisha Lokwani who is in her …David Lee Fish
Conservatory, University, or Liberal Arts College: Which Type of Music Institution Best Suits You?Among the primary considerations for those seeking to earn a music degree is determining the …Mark Small
Desktop Audio Production for StudentsIn recent years, the portability and cost-effectiveness of Desktop Audio Production have allowed musicians to …Anthony Schultz and Jim DeStefano
Graduating High School Playing an Instrument.You play an instrument in High School, but you’re not sure how well you stack …, Steven Cohen
Guide to Summer Music Camps and Similar Programs of StudyEvery summer, thousands of young musicians attend educational programs across the United States and beyond. …David Lee Fish
Head of Berklee Admissions: This Is How We Pick Top Music StudentsFor 25 years, I saw and heard every kind of musician come through the doors …Steven Lipman
How to Find The Best Music College For YouChoosing the right music school, college music department, or university music program, can be a …Steven Lipman
How to Get a Music Scholarship, the Right WayFor most everybody money is the root of all evil. But, it turns out free …Steven Lipman
How to Overcome Performance Anxiety for MusiciansPerformance anxiety – or “stage fright” as it is more commonly known – can strike …, David Lee Fish
How to Prepare for Your Music College AuditionsThe finish of the first semester of the school year means that the time for …Kristin Corpuz
International Musicians: Studying Music in the United StatesInside Music Schools has helped many international music students seek acceptance at colleges and conservatories …, , Jim DeStefano
Interview with IAMA: Tips for Music School Applications and AuditionsThe key to a student’s successful music education in a traditional (classical) conservatory is primarily …Steven Lipman
Is Music College for Me?Many of you reading this article are in your final semesters of high school. You’ve …Mark Small and Jim DeStefano
Isn’t Talent Enough?! To Get Into Music School, Do I Really Need An Admissions Consultant?Talent trumps all. That’s what some folks would have you believe when it comes to …Steven Lipman
Majoring in Music TherapyWe recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Tatiana Penagos MA, MT-BC. Tatiana is …, Jim DeStefano
Music Therapy: What Is It, and How Does It Make People Heal?The light and steady beat of hand drums can have a calming effect as it …Steven Lipman
New Worlds: A Guide on the Best Schools for Electronic Music ProductionRecorded music at large has made some sometimes strange but also wonderfully creative turns that …, Steven Lipman
Planning for a Classical Guitar CareerThanks to the great Spanish classical guitarist Andrés Segovia establishing college and conservatory guitar education …, Mark Small
Planning to Study a Musical Instrument in College? Here’s how to Discover a Great Teacher.How does one evaluate their teacher? This is a tough one to answer primarily because …, Steven Cohen
Program Spotlight – The Best Programs for Sound Production, Audio Engineering, and Music BusinessThe variety of audio engineering and music production programs have dramatically increased over the past …Anthony Schultz
Should You Study Songwriting in College?Do you have to go to college to learn to be a songwriter? The answer …Randy Klein
Special Announcements on Summer Music ProgramsThis summer is going to be different than many of us had hoped with plans …Steven Lipman
Steven Lipman InterviewThis interview speaks to Steven Lipman’s time at Berklee, and offers an inside look at …Jim DeStefano
Summer Music Programs Can Lead to College AcceptanceFor any high school sophomore or junior college music major, there is no better way …Steven Lipman
The 10 Different Types of Music DegreesMusic is absolutely an art form, but its application in education – and the world …Steven Lipman
The 2021 Guide to Summer Music Camps and Similar Programs of StudyEvery summer, thousands of young musicians attend educational programs across the United States and beyond. …David Lee Fish
The 25 Best Music Schools to Study ClarinetEmbarking on the deep study of clarinet in music school, like any other instrument, is …, Steven Lipman
The Cost of College in 2023: Part 1For many students, the investment in a college education is one of the largest they’ll …, David Lee Fish
The Cost of College in 2023: Part 2How can YOU make college more affordable? There are quite a few things you can …David Lee Fish
The Finer Points of Interviews for Music SchoolsTop musicians know thoughtful preparation is the best way to succeed on their next big …Steven Lipman
The New NashvilleIn the last ten years it has become increasingly popular for Nashville to be where …Rich Adams
The Seven Best Music Schools and Music Programs in BostonAs you may know, Boston is BIG in education. Some of the world’s most prestigious …, Steven Lipman
The Seven Best Music Schools and Music Programs in BostonAs you may know, Boston is BIG in education. Some of the world’s most prestigious …Steven Lipman
The Top 32 Classical, Jazz & Contemporary Voice Programs in The U.S.If you’re one of the up-and-coming songbirds of the world, you may be asking yourself, …Steven Lipman
The Top 5 Highest Paying Music Career JobsMusic is more accessible now than ever before. With social media, movies, and pop culture …Matt DeStefano
Tips for Making Better Recordings at HomeAlthough it is not usually physically or financially possible to build the “ideal” recording studio …Anthony Schultz and Jim DeStefano
Top Colleges for Popular MusicIn a 1967 hit song, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds …Mark Small
TURNING POINT: The Move from High School to College.Moving from high school to college, especially the first semester, can be challenging for many …, Bob Mulvey
Where Should I Study Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games?The effect movie, TV, and video game music has on …Mark Small
Why You Should Study Vocal Performance In College, and Why You’ll Love ItSinging is one of our most amazing abilities. The human voice is as much an …Steven Lipman
Writing College Essays for Music SchoolThose of you engaged in writing college essays about music, grad-school term papers, or applications …Steven Lipman
Writing Music For Video GamesVideo game scoring is a career on the rise, and we’d like to share some …, Jim DeStefano

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