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June 7, 2019

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety for Musicians

Performance anxiety - or “stage fright” as it is more commonly known - can strike even the most accomplished musician. It’s also something that impacts people from all walks of life. Public speaking engagements, just like music performances, can cause...
May 29, 2019

How to Get a Music Scholarship, the Right Way

For most everybody money is the root of all evil. But, it turns out free money can be a really great tool for going to music school. Most music performance and composition programs are costly. It’s one of the reasons...
February 6, 2019
Discussion music education with Steve Lipman

Summer Music Programs Can Lead to College Acceptance

For any high school sophomore or junior college music major, there is no better way to test the waters than enrolling in a reputable summer music program. These programs can give you a glimpse of the field you want to pursue...
February 5, 2019
Steve Lipman with drumset player

How to Prepare for Your Music College Auditions

The finish of the first semester of the school year means that the time for applying to colleges is coming to a close. We hope you’ll soon be receiving invitations to go to college music auditions at many of the schools to which you applied. Even if you’re confident...
April 2, 2018
Violin student

Amazing Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Music

When I packed up my car in Brooklyn, second-hand clarinet and later-to-be legendary jazz saxophonist, Dave Liebman, my trusty companions, and set off to start as a student at Berklee College of Music , “You Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes...
March 29, 2018
Steve Lipman

Interview with IAMA: Tips for Music School Applications and Auditions

The key to a student’s successful music education in a traditional (classical) conservatory is primarily their private lesson instructor – or referred to as the studio. A student considering various music schools should first research the faculty teaching on their principal instrument. Do they like the teachers performances, interpretation...