Career Paths for Music College Graduates in 2024

Whether you are interested in performance, teaching, composition, or music production, there is a career path that can help you realize your musical goals and aspirations. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular career paths for music college graduates and what they entail.

How to Prepare and Win your Audition!

As a young music student playing an orchestral/band instrument one can eventually wonder and hope to get a job in an orchestra or maybe a military band. However, it is something that has gotten somewhat harder over the years simply because there are so many of you out there competing for the same few spots.  Having an idea about what is necessary to prepare and win an audition is what I’ll attempt to discuss in the following piece. 

Clearing the Path to Music School Success

In 2021, Bob Mulvey joined the team at Inside Music Schools (IMS) as a special advisor to help music school applicants to improve their learning and organizational skills. Bob came to IMS after a highly successful career as an educator and counselor working with young people ranging from middle-school pupils to college students. In this blog he shares his thoughts on helping applicants overcome challenges en route to their dream career.

Best Music Schools 2023: Part 3

This 3-part series will look at a few ways to help make sure you enjoy a long, productive career in music. That means focusing more on you than higher education because attending to your viability as a musician, or even a music industry professional, will be an endeavor that will endure well past your days as a college student.