Music Specialization: “Jack of All Trades” or “Master Of One?”

Students and parents ask me whether fanning out or focusing is better — and I’m here to say, well, it’s not that simple. What you should and want to concentrate on really depends on where you see yourself in five, ten or thirty years down the road. There’s a place for all these kinds of musicians as long as you remember one thing — you must be great at something to carve a space for yourself in what is a notoriously competitive career landscape.

Highest Paying Music Jobs In the Music Industry

There are numerous employment opportunities within the music industry beyond being a spotlight performer. Rising music professionals may find that their passion for music and musical training can open doors to a variety of fields and new skill sets that lead to lucrative careers and entrepreneurial paths.

Career Paths for Music College Graduates in 2024

Whether you are interested in performance, teaching, composition, or music production, there is a career path that can help you realize your musical goals and aspirations. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular career paths for music college graduates and what they entail.