Choosing the Right Music College in 2024

Choosing the right music college requires careful consideration and research, and it is important to take your time and make an informed decision. In this article, we will provide tips and advice for choosing the right music college for you.

Clearing the Path to Music School Success

In 2021, Bob Mulvey joined the team at Inside Music Schools (IMS) as a special advisor to help music school applicants to improve their learning and organizational skills. Bob came to IMS after a highly successful career as an educator and counselor working with young people ranging from middle-school pupils to college students. In this blog he shares his thoughts on helping applicants overcome challenges en route to their dream career.

Is Music College for Me?

Many of you reading this article are in your final semesters of high school. You’ve followed a curriculum devised by school administrators for a dozen years and now the decisions regarding your educational career are your responsibility. It’s daunting to think of taking steps at your age toward a career that you hope will span the entirety of your working years. You’ve come to the IMS site to explore educational options that will lead to a career in some quarter of the music business.

Steven Lipman Interview

This interview speaks to Steven Lipman's time at Berklee, and offers an inside look at the thought process behind being the head of admissions at a major University. This interview also speaks to the heart and passion he possesses, and offers a detailed look at the mentality behind his consulting company, Inside Music Schools.