Who Is Ready for Music School?

So you felt it. That spark of inner light. The unexpected swirl of emotions coming from a solo violin, from your favorite band, from that moment in the movie where you KNOW the music makes the magic. It doesn’t matter how, the point is that you got it. Your owl came and you know it is YOUR turn to be the next witch or wizard. Now what?!
What you’re suffering from is a mild case of a condition commonly known as Music School Confusion. This mental block and trigger of anxiety disorders is suffered by two types of patients: future musicians and their parents. The condition consisting of a loop of questions that seem to all be intertwined and impossible to answer, three of which are more common than others:

1. Where do I go for my music education?
Music is as old as time and as fresh as you are. Have you thought about what time periods of music you identify with? Are you addicted to the blues? Was it Beethoven? Was it The Weekend? Many schools focus strongly on classical others in more contemporary styles. Talk to people in the industry. Figure this out. Don’t apply to places you will not want to be in.

2. What type of music major do I study?
So you chose your favorite musical spots according to friends, family and the internet. They all require you to focus on something, an instrument, a career. Are you good at something already? Don’t worry if you're not, that’s what school is for. But this would be the perfect time to start thinking about how you want to see yourself in 20 years. Do you want to work a full time job from 9 to 5? Do you like to travel? Are you comfortable in studio rooms for long hours…

3. How will I make money with a career in music?
Parents get this one on loop a lot harder than future musicians but the question is valid and the answer is not simple. There are many careers in the industry and many futures an educated musician can have. We are hired to play, yes, but we are hired to teach in all kinds of environments. We are hired because of our creativity in all sorts of roles in media, marketing, entertainment and communications. And many of us become experts in very specific fields. I have a good friend, audio engineer, who specializes in recording audio for professional golf tournament broadcasts. Yes, that specific! Have you met a professional musician or audio person? How do they make their money? Don’t be shy. Ask.
All jokes aside, a musical vocation is something to be taken seriously. Music has always gone hand in hand with greatness. Einstein was a fantastic violinist. Music is also a complicated sea of disciplines, careers and lifestyles. Choosing to follow a calling like this one can cause serious cases of Music School Confusion. Nobody is ready for music school, it is the truth. But getting ready is not difficult. It reduces anxiety and you might learn some beautiful things about yourself in the process.

If you are in need of some solid advice, please reach out to Steve Lipman, owner of Inside Music Schools, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a life in music.

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