Special Announcements on Summer Music Programs

by Steven Lipman

This summer is going to be different than many of us had hoped with plans for summer music camps, clinics, and programs across the country cancelled. But let’s stay on the sunny side! 

To families of serious student musicians:

Inside Music Schools is uniquely positioned to help keep your skills sharp and your musical education progressing.  We offer tailored, virtual summer music programs for students no matter where they live, or where they are on their musical journey. 

Drawing on Inside Music Schools’ unrivaled network of top music college faculty, music educators, and professional performers, we offer one-on-one lessons for singers and instrumentalists of all kinds, and for composers, songwriters, and producers.  Inside Music Schools also specializes in talent assessment sessions and career guidance from experts in the music industry. 

Don’t miss a beat!

Contact us today to structure a virtual summer music program that will advance you on the path to making your dreams in music come true.

Founder & President at Inside Music Schools | Insidemusicschools.com

Head of admissions and faculty member at Berklee College of Music for 40 years, Steve Lipman and our team at Inside Music Schools speak music as their primary language. We approach each client contact with open eyes, ears, and minds. As the country’s premier music school consultant, he advised students from the United States, Canada, China, Australia, Turkey, U.K., Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Israel, and Italy.